Tuesday, June 26, 2007

As promised...Video clips of two pals of mine doing evil, evil things to each other. There are needles, there are boobs, and there are loud shrieks of laughter and some bad words. I love my friends.

Clip One: "Oh, it is so your turn!"

Clip Two: "You rock!"

The sidebar to this is: I really need to find a place to host my not-quite-porn video clips. I put up three clips in Photobucket: these two, and then another, not for public viewing, that included the faces of the women playing. For some reason, that one video clip, and one still photo, got pulled by the site for violating TOS. But for the moment, these two clips remain.

What makes them okay and the other clip and picture not okay? I have no idea. It's in a password-protected album, so I am guessing no one just happened onto them. Very mysterious.

These clips may get pulled too, so carpe diem. Meanwhile I'm looking for another place to put them...

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