Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I’m writing a column and window-shopping at the same time…

Is this not the cutest dress? Pucci! I would so wear this, but they don’t seem to have it in my size. And, oh, there’s the minor matter of it being twelve hundred dollars. Ouch!

But as long as we’re pretending money is no object, there’s Versace, and Dolce and Gabbana, and more Versace.

This Jean Paul Gaultier dress is pretty and I'm trying to buy more non-black dresses. But please tell me why she's wearing that thing on her head? It makes her look like a chemotherapy patient.

And I love this JPG outfit,too. It's sort of sexy-schoolmarm meets film noir femme fatale.

Another great little non-black dress. It's the perfect cut for me, and I look great in that color. Not absolutely positively out of my price range, either.

I would so wear this Zac Posen dress. It's adorable.

What I'm more likely to actually buy: this Miss Sixty dress, in red. With black fishnets and knee high boots, a cute early-spring go-out-dancing dress.

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