Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wow, it’s being an extremely busy week! All very good stuff, but still - whew!
What's new? Well, Monk is back home from Boston, which is good, because I missed him!
In other totally random news: I bought some hot pink lingerie today, and I will take great pleasure in wearing it while I do terrible, terrible things to people. These days, wearing a lot of restrictive and uncomfortable fetishwear when I’m playing just doesn’t interest me much. For a stand-and-model party it might be different, but overall I’m liking lingerie much more - it’s just more comfortable. Latex makes you sweat like mad, as do layers of heavy leather. Plus, I like the sort of transgressive feeling of wearing soft, girly, silky things while I do hard, mean, rough things to people. And then laugh wildly.
Of course, at casual social events you’re just as likely to see me in my jeans. I was at a women-only party over the weekend, and I was teaching another girl how to do play piercing. Our lovely stunt-model was sitting on the floor, and I was sort of squatting in what I’m sure was a not-very-graceful position. But I didn’t want to touch the floor to steady myself, because, hey, I was sticking needles in someone with those (gloved) hands. However, a couple of my female friends were sitting behind me, teasing me about having plumber's-butt! Yes, low-cut jeans can betray you - bend forward too far, and there you are, exposed. So I suppose there are hazards to any piece of clothing.
Now it’s time prepare for my busy day, which will include a serious, serious workout. I have an event in March that I’m really gearing up for, bodywise. Perhaps I’ll tell you more about that soon…