Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm Glad It's Monday So I Can Relax.

Well, not really. But it was a crazy weekend, with a big private party Saturday night, and the bondage class and party at the Wet Spot last night. I’ve had no time to write. But here’s a picture from the event I was at Saturday night.

My friend T. has been placed into a leather body-bag and laced into a metal frame, so that he’s suspended in the air. It’s a fairly low-stress bondage experience, but you can hardly move at all. (I should remark that it's low-stress unless some evil man takes the pin out and spins that frame end over end, which did happen, eep!)

So T. looked so nice all encased and strung up that we decided a certain cute (and petite) lady should stretch out on top of him and relax. I mean, she was wearing these awfully high heels. It hurts a girl's feet to be standing up in those all evening.

Poor guy. It's terrible what we do to people in Seattle...

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