Friday, August 11, 2006

Here's the new column... Roman and I had a lovely time celebrating his birthday yesterday, and I have a socially jam-packed weekend ahead, with a barbeque with some of Max's old pals, and then yet another Leo birthday gathering in the evening.

But before I bound off, a quick greetings to James, over at Seattlest, who apparently liked the Ezell's entry. It's funny, I check my stats occasionally so I know, intellectually, that a lot of people read this blog. But that doesn't feel real to me most of the time. It's like I think I'm just talking to two dozen kinksters who know me in real life. So when some stranger makes a post about this blog - especially someone who doesn't present themselves as kinky - it always sort of startles me. It's not unpleasant. Quite the contrary, it's rather nice. It's just...unexpected.

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