Monday, July 31, 2006

Fat Actress

Ring Ring!

Me: Hello?

Caller: Hello, Mistress Matisse? I had a question for you. Do you know any really fat dominatrixes?

I am deeply suspicious. There’s something about the way this young man says “fat” that makes me think he does not respect and esteem big women.

Me: I’m sure there are some ladies around town, have you looked online?

Caller: Yeah, but – I want someone really big and fat. My buddy is getting married, it’s for his bachelor party. We’d want her to come in and tie him to a chair, dance on him, and like, smother him with her big tits and stuff.

Me: So, your buddy likes big girls?

Caller: No, no, that’s what I mean. It’d be like a gag to get a big fat girl, you know?

Yeah, I do know. Gag indeed - this guy is the one who should be gagged, preferably with something sharp. I’ve performed at some bachelor parties in my life – a long time ago, and never again, I assure you - and I can picture the kind of scenario he's talking about. This caller wants to hire a woman be mocked and made fun of by a bunch of drunken idiots because she’s a) big and b) being sexual. The fact that he’s conflating professional dommes with bachelor-party strippers is beside the point. The point is that I don’t approve of people hiring sex workers – of any size - specifically to demean them.

It’s interesting how rarely I run across this kind of nasty attitude. Perhaps it’s because I never deal with more than one man at a time. There’s something about groups of men, especially young men, that creates a space for that “Lord of Flies” mentality to happen. It’s sad that we live in a culture where some people are so terrified of their sexuality that they’re driven to scorn and humiliate proxy representations of it.

Perhaps the Mistress can give him a whack with the clue stick and make him realize.

Me: First of all, what you want is not a dominatrix, you want a stripper. Second, it’s a bad idea to hire someone and be rude to her. I do know some girls who specialize in performing at bachelor parties, I can give you their website.

Caller: Are they fat?

Me: No, hiring a big girl is a bad idea, because what you want to do would be really rude and disrespectful to her. You’d be making fun of her, and it would hurt her feelings.

Caller: (pauses) Well, it’s just a joke.

Me: I don’t think it’s funny. I bet she wouldn’t either. What if it were your sister or your girlfriend?

Click. He hangs up. I’m not surprised, he didn’t seem like the kind of guy who could be schooled. I just hope he doesn’t get any ladies to come to the party – he may not be a lacrosse player, but he doesn’t seem like any client I’d want to deal with.

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