Monday, July 24, 2006

Busy Monday Update

Bloody hell, it's been hot.

The shoot? Jury's still out, officially, but unfortunately my first reaction to the pictures wasn't favorable. I don't have time to talk about why just now, except to say that Max and Roman don't like them either, so it's not just me. However, it's true that sometimes images have to grow on you, so I'm going to put them aside and let them sit for a few days before I pass final judgement. So no previews today.

Max's family is here visiting and they're delightful. It's keeping us busy, though.

I did get to steal some time with Roman over the weekend, and that was lovely. Among other things, he took me to a midnight movie at the Egyptian: Plan Nine From Outer Space. I knew about Ed Wood, but I'd never seen anything directed by him, and I have to say, it was the most magnificently bad movie I have ever seen in my life. An amazing achievement.

Okay, gotta run, places to go, people to beat....

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