Monday, June 26, 2006

I had a really sweet time with Roman yesterday. Hotel Andra is a gorgeous place, I definitely recommend it for the boutique-hotel experience. Big thanks go out to blog-reader Kelly, who helped Roman arrange the very pretty room and sent us a bottle of champagne. We drank it sitting there looking out over the lights of downtown. So that was all good…

But today, my laptop is being wonky, and I had to drop my car off at the Saab dealership because it’s leaking coolant, like big-time. I probably won’t get it back until late tomorrow, if then. Arg. I hate being car-less.

Such are the ups and downs of life. But I have a lot of ups and very few downs, really, so I can't complain. And it's sunny and warm, yay! So maybe I'll go sit out in the yard and see if I can get my laptop to behave itself.

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