Monday, March 20, 2006

My romance with my new house continues. I’m thinking about remodeling my dungeon bathroom sometime next year – because it’ll take me that long to save up the money – and after looking through lots of design books, I realize that what I want looks a lot like the bathroom on the first floor of the house Max and I share.

You see, our sexy bathroom was actually designed to be a handicapped-accessible bathroom. What that means is that it’s kind of a big open room with a showerhead and a drain in the middle of the floor, and shiny chrome handrails. Because I don’t give a damn about bathtubs, what I like are sexy showers. Mmmm-hmmnn. They're so useful for all kinds of scenes.

I've certainly photographed it a lot. The first porn shoot I ever sold to a magazine, I think about 2002, was shot there, with model Rose Algren.

I did some pictures of porn-reviewer Jane Duvall there too. In spite of all the sexy wet shots we went on to do in this shoot, I love this one because it’s such a very Jane facial expression.

And of course I did some self-portraits there too.

So yeah, I want a big open space - big for a shower, I mean, perhaps eight by eight? Done in dark stone, because that blinding-white tile thing is not my kink. I think several water sources – showerheads, hoses, you know. And ADA handrails all around, the kind that are set deeply into the wall and designed to take lots of stress and pressure. That’s a sexy remodel.

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