Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fair warning: blogging will be light this week. The movers come Friday morning and I'm in the final push to get everything packed and ready. But I can't wait to be in my new place!

So talk amongst yourselves. Here's a topic: this month's Rolling Stone features an article about famed film-maker Larry (or perhaps I should say Laurenca*) Wachowski and his/her relationship with former pro domme Ilsa Strix. Roman called it to my attention, and his opinion is that it's unflattering to the BDSM community, pro dommes, and transexuals. Me? Well, I can't speak for the trans-folks, but frankly, in the current social climate, I think any mainstream media coverage that doesn't directly connect the BDSM community with dead bodies in oil drums is a win. Yes, it's gossipy and rather leering, but, hey, it's Rolling Stone. You want serious, weighty articles, read The Economist.

*For the record, I'd be happy to refer to L. Wachowski by whatever name and pronoun he/she wishes. Until a preference is publicly stated, however, I am left to flounder with clumsy parenthesis and cumbersome slashes. Not that I think any of the principles in this story are losing sleep over my writerly distress.

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