Friday, November 26, 2004

I wouldn't normally do another link roundup so soon after the last one…but I'm having a busy few days, and I don't want you, my loyal readers, to go without any entertainment from me. So, presented for your approval...

I've been watching – with horror – the advances made by anti-evolutionists in terms of children's textbooks. When I came across this page of disclaimer stickers for science textbooks, I had to laugh, although my laughter is heavily tinged with incredulity. I mean, what next – the world is flat?

You knew it was only a matter of time before the BK chicken spawned some cheesy but amusing imitators. If you haven't already, go see the Virtual Bartender:
Suggested orders: butt, splits, kiss her, topless, cowgirl, kiss, wet, yoga, banana, pillow fight, fight, kick, sleep, jiggle, naked, tattoo, jump, pour beer, drink beer, sing, stretch, dance, lick, hummer, wave, tickle, hat, strip, breast, dance on bar, be a pimp, magic, karate, robot, shoes, show me something, spin, read, write, hair, belly, gymnastics, fire, spread, pitcher, kiss me, hand stand, arms, phone number, I love you and laugh.

And here's a newer blog, written by someone I know, chronicling her life as an emerging kinkster… I think that's always worth encouraging.

More and better posts soon....

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