Saturday, October 09, 2004

Is There A Theme Here?
I watched my man Kerry do his thing during the "Town Hall" debate last night, and I thought he came across quite well. Bush was somewhat less moronic-looking this time than last time, but I still thought he seemed like a frat boy on crystal meth, jumping up and down, making too many wisecracks, and interrupting people.
And why am I not surprised that when asked point-blank, The Fortunate Son could not, or would not, admit to having made any specific mistakes in his presidency. I mean, none. But I guess when you're, like, divinely ordained by God, as Mr. Bush thinks he is, well – how could you make a mistake? Geeze Louise.
The polls are looking good for Kerry - he might just win this thing. At least, that's I'm praying for. I found this interesting website that thinks so too – not that I think it's completely unbiased. But it gives me hope…

And I did find this fun-filled guide for Presidential debate-watching that I'll surely employ next week. Maybe I'll throw a party!

Enough politics – here's some really important news: Vibrating condoms! (Maybe I can get some to give out as party favors for that debate party…)

Speaking of dicks...I saw Puppetry of the Penis when they were in town last year, but if you missed them, here's a little penis art for you...

Okay, gotta go - I have to get ready to take some very interesting penis-related video footage today....Oh, I love my life.

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