Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Update: the photo-theft situation has been dealt with...Thanks so much to everyone who went out of their way to be supportive and offer suggestions. And thanks also to the webmaster Paul O'Regan, who - once we got in touch with him - responded quickly and appropriately to the matter.

Trouble is, I'm not really sure who deserves the prize. Ms. Jane Duvall was actually the person who gave me the webmaster's email, but many of you were extra-helpful in other ways - Monk, 00Goddess, Neko, Jackie, Sunny and the other folks who emailed me and left comments both here and on the offender's blog. Monk is a local, so I can deal with him personally (heh heh heh), but I'm guessing the rest of ya'll are too far away to collect a reward in person. So if you'd like the URL for my fine art nudes gallery, drop me a note and I'll give it to you. Or you can just walking around in the world, knowing I think you're way-cool.

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