Monday, August 16, 2004

A few random observations…

"…Permanent makeup, for women who want the most natural appearance possible…." This, alongside a picture of a woman who looks like she just sat on an electrified porcupine? Not a good marriage of text and photo. Not at all.
(Link snagged from Everything Burns)

"No" always means "no". But four out of five bratty submissives agree that "you can't make me" always means "make me". Especially in bed.

I think some of these techniques are a little out of date - but not all of them, and it's still interesting reading, from someone who's definitely been there: Top 10 Signs You Are Being Set Up By An Undercover Cop, by Norma Jean Almodovar

Now I have to go decide on a column topic. And then I have to write the damn thing….

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