Sunday, June 27, 2004

Really Nice Things That Have Happened To Me Lately…

One of my favorite clients, Blue Eyes, purchased and installed one window-unit air conditioner in my workspace, and a second one is coming. This is the nicest and most exactly-what-I-needed gift I've gotten in a while, and I'm extremely pleased by what he's done for me. What a wonderful man.

I went to the Foot-Party, which I will give a detailed report on later…But while I was there, a very pretty eighteen-year-old girl came up me and said, "My friend and I saw you at the last foot-party, and we decided that you just exuded sex appeal like crazy. Every you did was sexy – the way you walked, the way you flipped your hair, the way you laughed - everything. We just thought you were so cool, and we decided that was the difference between being eighteen-year-old girls and being a woman."
What an amazing compliment! I mean, it's great when guys tell you you're hot. But for a lovely young girl to say this to me – well, I was really touched.

Matisse's Axiom on Sexual Attraction: If a woman feels desirable when she's with you, she will feel desire for you. I spent a lovely evening recently with a man who made me feel like I was the most beautiful and the most fascinating creature he'd ever seen. Roman was attractive to me before - he's doubly so now…

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