Wednesday, May 12, 2004

This guy got one important thing wrong, and so did this guy, and so did these people.
They're wrong for calling this woman a dominatrix.

No. I'm a dominatrix, and I'm disgusted by this abuse. Whether Lynndie English was a unwilling pawn or a gleeful participant, she is in no way worthy of the title dominatrix. This is not BDSM, because BDSM, by definition, is consensual. This isn't. It's abuse, plain and simple.
And if you profess to be outraged by this, tagging Private English with a sexy title is a strange way of showing it. What kind of message are you really sending? Would you call an accused rapist "a stud"? A "ladies man"? A "love god"?

I don't eroticise non-consensual violence. It's a damn shame some so-called "normal" people do.

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