Monday, May 24, 2004

My friend Jae and I did a double together the other day. (Confused? A double = two sex workers, one client.) I'm taking a small risk in admitting to this here, because officially, I don't do doubles at all. Check my website, it says right there: I don't do doubles.

Except – very occasionally I do. If I know you well and I like you, and if I think you'll like Jae, and if the moon and stars are all aligned properly on the day you ask me oh-so-politely if such a thing is possible, then yeah, maybe I'll agree to arrange that.

And while I usually enjoy my sessions alone, there's no deny that having Jae around does make it more fun for me - although she has a terrible habit of making me break up laughing with her remarks. Hard to maintain the Mistress persona with that happening. Not that my guys really expect or want the stone-faced serious thing from me, but still, there are time when I am quite…intent, on what I'm doing, and having Jae crack wise and make me laugh is distracting. She's a total imp. In another place and time she'd have been the perfect court jester, dancing around in her cap and bells…

And the reason Jae is my only doubles partner is that she knows me so extremely well that it's easy. I've done a few doubles with other people, long ago, and while they weren't terrible, they were just a lot of work, because I had to orchestrate two people instead of one. Or, in the case of another Mistress, I had to try to give her the proper amount of airtime, while still subtly directing the progress of the session. (Of course, they were all my clients. I suppose if I was the guest star with someone else's client, it would be rather different.)
But Jae knows me, she knows my dungeon, she knows my equipment, she knows what kinds of things I use for what. When I say, "Get me the leather head-thingie with all the straps," she knows which one I mean. (She should: she's had it on.) She knows if I pick up a box of needles, I'm also going to need alcohol wipes, rubber gloves, and a sharps container, so she gets them. Easy.

The other thing about doubles that makes it challenging is that, as far as the interaction between Jae and I goes, they can be a sometimes challenging blend of a real scene and performance art. A lot of the clients we've seen together want to watch us play some, and it's certainly never hard for Jae and I to slip right into a scene. But it would be rude to get so very into our interaction that we ignore him, so we both have to stay conscious of keeping the energy balanced. It's easy enough for me – I'm the Mistress. But not everyone would be able to slide from bottom-space to performance mode as fluidly as Jae does. That's why she's always my first choice if I have to teach a class, put on a show, or – do a double.

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