Wednesday, March 10, 2004

So it's occurred to me that for someone who has as many alt-sex identities as I do, this isn't a particularly sexy journal so far. I think there are several reasons for that...

1. I am not going to tell juicy stories here about my clients and their fantasies. One of things you get when you buy my professional time is my discretion. (I may occasionally rant about people that want to be clients of mine but who aren't going to be, due to some flaming act of stupidity or rudeness on their part in the negotiation phase of our relationship. But even then I'm not going to name names, you understand.)

Plus, I command a certain rate to talk dirty, and ya'll aren't paying it.

2. I think one of the reasons why people talk about sex in their journals is that they feel conflict about it, and I don't feel particularly conflicted about my sex life these days. I think the only conflict I have is that I don't have enough freakin time to pursue anything with most any of the pretty-and-available people in my life.
Cause if I did, I wouldn't have time for anything else, and I'm in a real career-oriented phase of my life right now. So what I have time for one primary partner  + one person who's very, very laid-back about when they see me. That person, currently, would be Mike, who is being the single most perfect secondary partner I have ever had in my life ever. Did I mention ever? Mike rocks. We always have fun, he's totally cool with me vanishing and re-appearing at random intervals, and he's building me something so very very cool, so fabulous that I can hardly believe it's going to be mine. Ooooo....
But anyway, if you're looking for lots of nasty stories, sorry, can't help ya. But I'll try to keep it interesting anyway.