Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fashion Thoughts

I have no idea what to wear for this shoot on Monday. I am awaiting information about the overall theme of the shoot, but I don’t think there’s a role-play - like teacher/boss/evil cheerleader, etc - that requires role-specific costuming. I think it’s just a straight-up kinky scene, which is perfect.

So I can probably wear more or less whatever I want. ( does have their own costumes you can borrow. But no thank you, I prefer to wear my own clothes.)

I was gifted with these two extremely fabulous little numbers from Nancy Meyer, and they are the strong contenders. The black, or the creme.

I also don’t yet know if I’m starting off in street clothes, and then proceeding to something scantier. (And from thence to: nothing! Or at least, nothing of any substance. But I already have that outfit.) Or if I am just walking on in the one scanty outfit right from the get-go.

One thing I do know is what I am not going to wear: A rubber dress, a corset, and thigh-high boots. Nope. I understand fetish-fashion classics, and that is indeed a classic look. Which is fine. Lord knows I have worn that precise outfit – and yes, been photographed in it – many, many times. Many. Did I mention many?

But I am bored breathless by it. So bored. It is not transgressive, that outfit. There was a time when it was, but now they dress models up like that for beer commercials. It does not get a lot more mainstream than that.

So, it’s not edgy. It’s definitely not comfortable, either, but that’s not the point. Fashion is not supposed to be comfortable. The point is that I don’t think that just because I’m a dominant, that means I must wear a very traditional “Mistress” outfit. Because what is the earthly use in being a sexually non-traditional person if we all have to dress alike?

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