Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monk and I were idly speculating about what Kink.com’s next porn site should be. They shut down old ones and create new ones periodically. But it seems to me like it would be a challenge to think of something in the kink porn industry hasn't already been done.

“Well, they’re starting an enema one, I think,” I said.

“Just enemas? Is that really kinky enough?” said Monk.

“Good lord, what else do you want?”

“It should be something more extreme. Like crossdressers doing enemas. Or really old people. Or really old crossdressers doing enemas.”

I stared at him. “You are such a freaking pervert.”

“No, seriously! No one’s done that, it would totally sell.”

“You’re probably right, that’s the thing.” I thought about it. “What about furries? They haven’t done furries.”

“Furries in bondage?”

“Yeah, why not? With the padding of the suit, you could probably get serious hang time in a suspension.”

“Honey, you realize you’re describing a piñata? What, tie up the furry and beat them until candy comes out their ass?”

We laughed. But we’re watching, Peter, we’re watching. If you launch it, we’re gonna want a password. (I think.)

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