Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hello, Seattle, glad to be back! Wow, it's raining - who'd have thought?

A few notes: if you emailed me about seeing me in the near future, I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible, I swear. I'm just a bit behind... (Which is as frequent a circumstance as the rain, I know.)

A couple of (very tame and vanilla) snapshots from Vegas up on the Flickr feed. I meant to take more and I just got distracted.

Speaking of Vegas, I tried on this jacket there and I am sure I need to have this soon. I want another leather jacket as well, but this one is too cute!

A congratulations to my pal Lochai on his new job at

Others may be outraged, but I think this kinky Burger King tray-liner ad is hilarious. (Work-safe link)

And a note about Seattle co-op boards, for those of you intrigued by the recent letter about them.

For your reader who was curious about co-op boards on Capitol Hill, I recently spent several years living in a co-op and my then-partner was on the board and can offer some insights.
Your correspondent was probably frightened by scenes from TV shows depicting New York co-op boards grilling prospective shareholders. In Seattle, it's not the case. In my co-op, the board "interview" was really them going through the rules with you and asking you if you had any questions. They never asked details about people's financial lives. It was a thoroughly rubber-stamped process. I suppose if you showed up smelling like garbage and carrying some cats around, they might ask questions, but as long as you're presentable, you won't have issues.

With the housing market as it is, a co-op board is probably happy to have new tenants moving in.

It's important to remember that co-ops are corporations where you buy shares in that corporation; shareholders are then granted a lease on one of the apartments. It's not quite like a condo. It's actually much friendlier, and far less expensive.

So there you go, co-op buyers.

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