Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Follow-up to yesterday: several alert readers found a reference on my to my having servants.

"Q Do you do any kind of barter in exchange for sessions?

A. Once in a very great while... and only if you really have something I want. I have household slaves, so don't offer to cook dinner, do housework or yardwork, give massages, paint my toenails, or wash my panties. As far as I am concerned, getting to do those things for me IS a session!"

Okay, you're right. I'd forgotten I said that. It's completely untrue, I just said it to discourage the Panty-Washers. The text for the site needs an overhaul anyway, I should sit down and do that sometime.

But I will point out that I never said it on the blog!

And two cool women I know wrote some stuff about how they handled kink during their pregnancy. I posted it all here, so child-bearing women, I hope this is helpful. If I get more opinions, I'll update the page. (I still think you should consult your doctor.)

Also, a personal aside: Jae, would you fookin' call me back already! Your phone has been wonky for days now, and I get worried when I don't hear from you. I'm going to come over there and hop the fence and put duct tape on your doorbell if you don't.

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