Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Businesses of Pleasure

Houston Escorts: I am looking for info on the escort scene in Houston, Texas, particularly the escort services, as I have a pal who’s thinking of getting into the game. If you're a lady who works in the area, or a guy who plays there a lot, drop me an email. I’d be much obliged to you, as they say down South. (And if you saw my post about this on one of the local escort boards and responded to it there: thank you, you were helpful, and I’m still gathering data.)

This pal and I had a short chat on the phone about her prospective career move, during which I rattled off everything I remember about my experience of working for escort services. It may have been information overload. But one interesting thing that I forgot to mention is: people who book calls for escorts tend to gravitate to callers who are like them. For example, when I worked for a lady who was, essentially, a good ole blue-collar cowgirl, she tended to book us with guys who were good ole blue-collar cowboys. Later, I worked for an upper-middle-class Jewish woman from the east coast, and she tended to book us with guys who shared those traits. It’s somewhat unconscious, I think, and probably just due to the call-screeners instinctively feeling most comfortable with callers who are most like themselves. There are a million little things that can make someone who is screening potential clients say yea or nay to someone, and cultural differences can set off alarm bells. So if you decide to work for a service, you should try to find one where people who answer the phone are most like the type of guys you’d like to meet, because that’s quite likely to be what you’ll get.

Her memorable remark: “The sexy part doesn’t worry me. I know how to do that, that’ll be fine. I’m just a little concerned about the logistics of how I get into the room with the guy.” Understandably. Hence, any local information I can pass along to her would be welcome.


Speaking of sexy – Monk is selling boxes of orgasms. I bet you didn’t even know they came boxed! (Came? Boxed? There’s a bad joke there somewhere.) So if you want a big box of O’s, better hurry, because they’re going fast. (Coming fast? Okay, I’m just going to stop now.)

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