Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Okay, people, here we go. This is track one, number one, volume one of Mistress Matisse's podcast! I need to think of some catchy name for it. And I also need to get with my sound engineer and record what are called "bumpers" - those would be little sound files that are placed at the top and bottom of every podcast, with introductory/closing information about who I am and what this podcast is about, and sweetened up with some cool transition music. Makes it all sound very professional.

I also have set up a 1-800 voicemail number so ya’ll can call and leave a voicemail, and then I’ll play your actual message on the podcast, and then answer your question, or mock you mercilessly, whichever seems appropriate. That number is 1-800-519-6198. Please note: this is NOT the line to call to ask about appointments. Do NOT call this number to ask me about anything confidential, because by leaving me a message at the 1-800 voicemail, you consent to having it played on the podcast. That’s what that line is for. If you want to speak to me confidentially, call me on the number published on the MistressMatisse.com site.

Today we don't have voicemails or bumpers, it's just Monk and I talking. But we had a lot of fun and laughed a great deal. I think it should be fairly obvious, but just for the record, it's adult stuff, so don't put me on the speakers if you're at work. It's six minutes long, and we talk  about some poly etiquette matters. Hope you like it.

The Virgin Podcast!