Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What's Up?

You've got three more days to bid on a threesome of me, Monk and Imp of Satan in the Strangercrombie Auction - don't miss out!

Speaking of the Imp - aka Rose Algren - she's in a fashion show/pillow fight this Saturday night at the Catwalk, along with the women of Salon De Sade, and SnM Underworld. Not only will the show be cool, but apparently the Catwalk has been sold and may even be closing forever, at least under that name. So go see Rose's sexy clothes and say bye-bye to the venerable Catwalk Club, a fixture on the fetish club scene in Seattle for many years.

I just noticed this section on Craig's List: Adult Gigs. Is Craig's List the coolest thing or what? (Although the many of the ads in the "erotic services" section seem fraught with personal drama. Yeek.)

Give up more money: My pal Jane over at is running a NCSF fundraiser. The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is a great organization that does a lot of good for sexually diverse people, and if you're reading me, you're in favor of freedom for sexually diverse people. (If you're not, then scram - I don't talk to people who are against sexual freedom.)
Jane says:
In the month of December, you can join NCSF (or renew membership) for only $10, by joining through JanesGuide. This is a $15 discount from the regular individual membership price of $25! And for the first 50 people who join through JanesGuide, we will match your membership fee of $10.

Anyone wanting to give Max an Xmas gift should know that the NCSF is high on his make-a-contribution list, along with the ACLU.

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