Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday's Personal Ad of the Week…

(The usual disclaimer about how I'm not looking…)

I decided I'd point out a m/f couple this week - I do try to cover all the bases. Max and I have playfully discussed placing an ad ourselves a few times. I think it would be interesting just to see who we'd pull as anonymous people, rather than "Matisse and Max". But since we're not really in the market, it seems unfair.

Anyway, I found this ad right away on Lustlab. Guess why I liked it? Rope! (Yes, you do need more, cute girl, and you need to buy it from my other sweetie.)

And they're both switches, good for them. That doubles your chances of a date on Saturday night, you know. (Maybe quadruples, in this case.) Perhaps they'll hook up with one of the many rope sluts around town.

I looked through the ads from couples on, but a lot of them seemed to be looking for "the elusive Hot Bi Babe" – the extra-kinky version, too, which has got to be really tough to find. I was unimpressed.

Thankfully, I've got my own love-life well taken care of. Max and I had a sweet and relatively quiet weekend together, which was nice. We watched "The Last Samurai" which I deliberately had not seen when it came out. In some ways it's right up my alley, being a period film. But it had a lot of points against it in my head. I'm not a big Tom Cruise fan, for one thing. (And isn't he acting very strange lately? Hey, Tom, you might want to rethink your opposition to psychiatric drugs. Really.)

And I was slightly bothered by some liberties with what I understood to be the historical facts of the matter – the samurai were actually not all noble heros being ruthlessly oppressed. Actually, in feudal Japan, the samurai were usually the ones doing the oppressing, either at the behest of their employers or at their own whim.

Plus, the whole white-man-leading-the-noble-savages thing is just so Rudyard Kipling, you know?

But the real problem is that I hate sad movies. I get really annoyed when a film spends an hour and twenty minutes making you like someone - and then kills them. I've hated that ever since I saw Old Yeller when I was about eight years old. I just feel so damn manipulated, because it's not real, it's just a movie, for christ's sake. And yet, there I was, watching the scene where Katsumoto commits hari-kari on the battlefield, weeping. Gah! I hate that. Manufactured sadness I don't need, thank you. So, I liked parts of it, but on the whole, movies that make me cry are bad.

We did go and do a shoot with our pal James Mogul on Sunday, which was fun. He does interesting things with light and he uses creative angles and poses. And God, he gets good skin tones. Anyone who shoots people will tell you that skin tones can be a bitch to render well. James modestly attributes it to shooting with a Canon camera, and if that's even partly true, then damn, I regret investing in Nikon gear. But I think it's also his skill, which I fortunately have access to.

Roman was in LA all weekend at an erotica expo there, so I'm sure he'll have lots of stories to tell you about that. The JT's Stockroom folks invited him down and he says they took great care of him. They're good people, and they seem like they really care about the community of people who buy from them, which is refreshing.

I think that's enough chatter for today….

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