Friday, April 29, 2005

Well, it's Friday, and that means the new column and the Kink Calendar are up. The column this week is one I especially enjoyed writing, and I'd like to thank the women who graciously allowed me to quote them.

A blog reader sent me this link, noting that: "This is what happens when you spend hundreds of millions on abstinence-only education and forget to secure the domain name..." Too funny!

In fashion news, my friend Rose Algren, fetish clothing designer extraordinaire, is having a sale! She says: "I know there are a few of you that have been waiting for the right moment to get a catsuit, so for the next week I will be offering my famous House of Gord Catsuit or its buddy, the Cupped Catsuit for a screaming deal of $175. I haven't offered that price to anyone in over a year, so get them while you can!"
I have one of Rose's catsuits already, and let me tell you, that girl can sew. I don't even like catsuits - but I like hers, so I'm going to get another one. They're just that good. Maybe red, or perhaps silver. I'll probably get another "House of Gord" style one. But hey, if someone wanted to buy me one of the style with the cups, that would be just fine....
Sale ends May4th, kids, so email Rose pronto at: service @

And don't forget that this Sunday is Max's "Bondage for Sex" workshop... It'll be hot! See you there!

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