Thursday, December 09, 2004

Of Books and Boys...

The new column is up, so please go read that… Oh, and the new feature I'm doing, The Kink Calendar, is up, too.

Speaking of reading, I'm currently enjoying a novel called "The Inner Circle" by T. C. Boyle, based on the life and experiences of one of Kinsey's assistants.
Publishers Blurb: A love story, The Inner Circle is narrated by John Milk, a virginal young man who in 1940 accepts a job as an assistant to sex researcher Dr. Alfred Kinsey. As a member of Kinsey's "inner circle" of researchers, Milk (as well as his beautiful new wife) is called on to participate in sexual experiments that become increasingly uninhibited - and problematic for his marriage.

I enjoyed the movie "Kinsey" – Liam Neeson did a great job with the role, I think. And this novel gives me even more of a sense of what knowing him must have been like, since a lot of it is based on the James H. Jones biography of Kinsey.

The book was given to me by Jake – and if you're a friend of Jake, that tattooed, shaved-head world traveler, here's a small update: I got an email from him saying he'd arrived safely in Bangkok on the 7th. He sounded like he was having fun – apparently the Thai people are impressed with his biceps and keep wanting to measure them. (They are pretty big.) He's supposed to be going on to Sri Lanka, but I wouldn't be surprised if he wound up staying in Bangkok for a little while. I think Thailand would be a fascinating place to visit, and I'm mildly jealous. I hope he takes lots of pictures.
Anyway, I did ask him to email me a couple times over the next two weeks if he could, so I'd know he hadn't been shot by some sniper still fighting Sri Lanka's civil war. Hopefully he'll be able to check in again, and if I do hear from him, I'll post about it.

And speaking of sexy-looking boys, I got a note from Nina and Rita, the girls over at . They're looking for some cute guys to be cover model, so check out the site, look over the categories and send in your pic! You could be (a little tiny bit) famous.

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