Friday, July 30, 2004

Social Update: I had a really great date with Jake last night, as I mentioned earlier. Perhaps I should explain where Jake came from...As my long-term readers will recall, about six weeks ago I was experimenting with online personals for a day or two. Well, Jake is one of the two guys I was flirting with on before I decided that system just didn't work for me.

I had traded a couple of emails with two guys on One of them I sent a polite thanks-but-no-thanks note. But the other guy – there was just something about him that I liked. So, after about a week of emailing back and forth, I decided to just say "what the hell" and meet him. (I suppose I shouldn't say that system of meeting people wasn't working for me when, in fact, it did. But it's not my preferred system of meeting people.)

Whether you like personal ads or not, don't let anyone tell you that you cannot possibly meet someone cool that way. 'Cuz Jake is terrific – he's a sweet, educated, intelligent guy who's got muscles, big tats, a shaved head and a generally badassmotherfucker look to him. Woo-hoo, what more could a pervy girl want?

But it's not just about sex - Jake and I have a number of other things in common. I was talking to Max about him tonight over dinner, and I said, "One of the things I like about Jake is that he's an outsider, like me." Jake's reasons for being an outsider aren't the same as mine, but he knows all about moving through the world with that status. And, like me, the experience of being regarded as "other" has left him with a healthy disdain for social conformity and social institutions. Our mutual observations upon the antics of certain BDSM community types are probably acidic enough to eat through metal, but hey, it makes us laugh.

One day I'm going to have to write a piece about the three men in my life. When I think about Max, Roman and Jake, I'm struck by how different the three of them are. They'd make a great cast for some "caper" movie, where wildly disparate characters are brought together to pull off a heist or avert world destruction. They're sort of an all-male Charlie's Angels. Matisse's Angels? Huh, Matisse's Devils is more like it.

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